Salt+ 300 supplement


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Salt+ 300 supplement
Salt+ 300 supplement
Salt+ 300 supplement
Salt+ 300 supplement

Introducing Salt+ 300, The Purest Salt on Earth (Click to learn more)

Melted at 1000°C for 300 hours to remove all impurities, Salt 300 is pure nano-sized sodium chloride and the only salt that will draw toxins out of your body at a cellular level. It is now possible to enjoy all the health benefits of salt without worrying about the problems caused by the impurities!

Proven by history & refined by science – Since ancient times, all over the world, people have used salt for its curative, anti-bacterial and detoxifying properties. Today, salt in its natural form is polluted, a result of trapping and neutralizing the pollutants human activity continues to pour into the environment, and the harm done by the impurities has eclipsed salt’s health benefits.

** 60 Pouch unit in box.


The simplest way to begin seeing the amazing benefits of Salt 300 is to start drinking it! Just dissolve 1 sachet in approximately 220ml of warm water twice a day and drink it. As you get used to it, you can increase your consumption as needed. You can also add it to your regular food and drink, such as soup, fruits and juices.


• People with kidney disease, heart disease, hypoglycemia, low blood pressure or other severe illnesses; pregnant women, children below the age of 16 and the physically fragile should consult their physicians before embarking on any kind of colon cleansing program, including Salt 300’s.

 • It is not recommended to perform colon cleansing 3 days consecutively.

 • Many people will experience some kind of healing crisis when they begin consuming Salt 300. It is important to persist through these initial discomforts in order to restore your health.

 • If you experience swelling or headaches, avoid taking Salt 300 within 4 hours before your bedtime.

 • If the healing crisis becomes unbearable, drinking some honey water will alleviate the discomfort.

 • People with diabetes and hypertension may see fluctuations in their blood glucose and pressure levels respectively. In this case, temporarily reduce or take a break from Salt 300 consumption until the levels stabilize before resuming.

 • Going for salt room hyperthermia therapy will accelerate the detoxification process, hasten the passing of the healing crisis and speed up your return to good health.

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